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Option Strategies – A Mentorship Program

When we talk about stock trading, one thing that comes in mind is “Risk Management”. We have listened, Read and saw lots of articles & books which are talking about this “Risk Management”. A question that comes to mind is why it is so important? The answer is “Risk Management” is the only Holy Grail …

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Option Strategies

Performance of the Option strategies

Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing good. In the last few months, we shared many Option strategies. Many were asking about the performance of these Option strategies. So I’m sharing the Profit/Loss we got from the strategies we shared here. Performance of the Monthly Option Strategies Before going further, I just want to …

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Options trading strategies

Why Do Popular Options Trading Strategies Fail?

Many people wonder why they are not able to replicate a successful formula. In Stock Market, traders struggle to dins the right strategy. When it comes to making a profit consistently, you need to understand the following popular options trading strategies may not result in the expected outcome. As professionals are exhibiting their skills, interested …

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Call Ratio Spread Strategy

High Probability Call Ratio Spread Strategy in INFRATEL

Hey Folks! How’s your trading going? I’m trying to share one option strategy every week to help our fellow traders. Today I’m sharing a Call Ratio Spread Strategy in INFRATEL for 30th July 2020 expiry. Because this option strategy is an unlimited risk strategy, so we have to be a little cautious to choose this …

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